Inflatable Tents for Sale

Do you like traveling? Do you want to go camping in a moment that you have the idea without any unnecessary and weight equipment? Do you want to own an useful and beautiful tent? OK, come here. Beston will give you the cheapest and high quality tents.

Camping tents. When you need to go outdoors and must stay the night. An inflatable camping tent with high heat retention property, waterproofness, anti-mosquito and which is also moiture-resistant is the best choice. At the same time, the air tents are all fixed with firm metal ring. Even though the wind blows strongly, it’s still difficult to slide. In addition, inflatable tents can also be used in other places. Inflatable wedding tents. An outdoor wedding is so dreamlike and nice. Please imagine, the sun shines brightly, the sky is blue, the birds sing happily, the grass is green. In this beautiful scene, your wedding begins in a beautiful and dreamlike inflatable wedding tent. This kind of wedding will make customers feel more newfangled. Inflatable pub . If you want to have a party or run a pub. You may need a bigger inflatable pub tent which is small investment with high effect and it won’t take up too much space. Maybe you need few months even longer to build a traditional pub, but an inflatable pub tent will only cost you few days.

Inflatable tents for sale

Inflatable Party Tents for Sale

Inflatable party tent is also called inflatable event tent, inflatable exhibition tent, inflatable festival tent. It’s always a large one ...
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Wedding tent for sale

Inflatable Wedding Tents for Sale

Inflatable wedding tents are the greatest invention for outdoor celebration which will make your outdoor wedding more beautiful, meaningful and ...
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Inflatable bubble tent camping for sale

Inflatable Bubble Tent for Sale

Inflatable bubble tent is also called inflatable lawn tent, inflatable tunnel tent, inflatable transparent tent, inflatable balloon tent, inflatable sphere ...
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High quality large camping tents

Inflatable Camping Tents For Sale

Inflatable camping tents are necessary for outdoor travel. With the improvement of people’s living standard, trips and going camping become ...
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Hot sale inflatable bar in Beston

Inflatable Pub for Sale

Inflatable bar is a leisure place that has appeared for a long time. More and more people would like to ...
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Inflatable tent with tarpaulin

Commercial Tents for Sale

Advertising tent is a kind of tool that can create a promotional environment for product promotion, provide a showcase for ...
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Buy large inflatable medical tent from Beston

Inflatable Shelter Tent for Sale

Inflatable shelter tent which can also be called inflatable emergency tent, from the name, we can know that it’s always ...
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Custom inflatable advertising dome tent from Beston

Inflatable Dome Tent for Sale

Inflatable dome tent is the most common type of tent which can be used as inflatable party tent, inflatable wedding ...
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Buy inflatable tennis tent for sale in Beston

Inflatable Tennis Tent

Inflatable tennis tent is a kind of tent used for tennis court sometimes. If you like playing tennis and want ...
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Why Do You Buy Inflatable Tents in Beston?

Compared with general metal tents. Inflatable tents are very light and small, it can be set up quickly with the help of a dual-action blower. Even though you go out alone, don’t worry, it’s enough for you to install an inflatable tent yourself. Finally, if you don’t need, it can be disassembled and folded easily. Thus, will give you more convenience. Beston manufactures inflatable tents with constant innovation. They are all made of high quality PVC tarpaulin material which have longer life. The appearance of the tents is colorful and bright. All kinds of inflatable tents from our factory can be customized according to your need.


1. Please pave a layer of tarpaulin before you install the inflatable tents if the
ground is sand or muddy ground, or it will influence the beauty and reduce the service life.
2. Please tear down the tents in advance if the wind becomes stronger and
stronger even greater than eight to avoid unnecessary loss.
3. Please keep the fire far away from the tarpaulin or isolate the fire with board
fire proofing if you need cook in the tents. The most important is that someone has to be there and prepare the fire fighting plan ahead of time.
4. Please dry the tents before you store, or the color of the tents will fade.

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