Inflatable tent for washing cars in Russia

A customized inflatable tent for washing cars was ordered to Russia

There are so many kinds of inflatable tents for wedding, party, salvation, military use and some other outdoor events. The custom from Moscow bought it to wash cars. It can also be used as a small parking lot at your backyard.  The length of this tent is 8m, the width is 5m, the height is 4m. The size and color of all our tents can be customized according to your requirements. All the tents are made of high quality material which can increase its service life and we can give you the most competitive price.

Buy inflatable tents for washing cars in Beston
Inflatable Tent for Sale in Beston

Major Parameter:

Model: BLF-TP15
Material: PVC, PVC tarpaulin or oxford cloth
Color: can be customized
Logo: can be customized
Accessory: air pump or blower, repair bag, sand ba, ropes
Application: Exhibition, Event, Wedding
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You can also customize inflatable wedding tents, inflatable camping tents, inflatable bubble tents, inflatable pub, inflatable party tents, inflatable advertising tents, inflatable shelter tents, inflatable dome tents from Beston. As long as you tell us your requirements, we will be able to manufacture the inflatable products you are satisfied with.

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