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Inflatable slide is a kind of children’s amusement equipment that children must climb and slide to complete this activity. Participants need to play the slide with firm will and faith which can cultivate their courage. At the same time, they can enjoy the  joy of success when they slide down from the top. With the development of technology, more and more various thematic slides can be seen in different places which can satisfy children’s curiosity about fresh things. Inflatable slides and inflatable water slides are the two most important kinds you need to think when you choose slides. But sometimes they don’t have clear distinction that add a water carriage to inflatable slides, they can be inflatable water slides. Meanwhile, almost all the slides are not alone. They are always combined with other inflatable products such as bouncers and pools, it’s also an indispensable amusement facility for building an inflatable water park.

Beston can give you various choice according to your needs. Home water slide is a little smaller which is fit for customers who want to buy for their children to play at home. Commercial inflatable water slide is always giant which can be connected with pools and other water products. As long as you have any need for inflatable slides, you can find a suitable one in Beston. So if you are tempted, please contact with us without any hesitation. Beston will give you the best service.

Commercial grade water slide for sale

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Inflatable Slides Have A Lot of Advantages Than Plastic Slides

1. Safe. The children are at the age to play without thinking safety. However, their parents are always worried about their children’s safety when they are playing. Inflatable slide is a kind of slide which is full of gas. The whole slide is very soft with no hard part. That is to say, it greatly reduce the number of children falling down or scratching the edge to hurt themselves. The material to make inflatable slides is the most professional and highest quality PVC tarpaulin-PLATO PVC which is environmental and harmless. The experienced sewing workers make the products stronger and more durable. It can withstand far more weight than the weight of average adults.

2. More slippery. If you have ever tried the both kinds of slides,you should know that if your skin is in contact with plastic slides, you can’t slide down smoothly. But the inflatable slides won’t have this question with a layer of professional tarpaulin for sliding.

3. Beautiful. The appearance is bright in color. All kinds of cartoon characters have been applied to the design of inflatable slides that children will give more attention to them.

4. Interesting. The combination of entertainment and exercise according to children’s interests make children build up their bodies while playing. Giant inflatable slide combos make the slides and other components together in a clever way. Children can play a series of games, like running, climbing, drilling, sliding, rolling, turning which can exercise the ability of balance.

5. Independence and innovation. At the same time, enhance children’s self-protection awareness without injury.

6. Convenient to transport. Inflatable slides can be deflated, folded. Then it will only occupy small space.

Why Do Many Customers Love to Choose Inflatable Slides in Beston?

1. Various high quality products. Beston has the most professional and innovation team of designers who can follow the trend of the times to design various products.

2. Unique appearance. Innovation is an important factor for the continuous development of a company, of course, a manufacturer. Beston has always followed the philosophy. So we never copy others’ ideas, we always have our own unique designs in appearance.

3. Factory outlet, affordable products. We are manufacturer with our own factories. No middlemen raise the price, the price is much lower than other company who needs to order products from the manufacturers.

4. Good product, good reputation. Our inflatable amusement equipment has exported to many countries all over the world and has received high praise from customers.

5. Accept customization. Different customers have different requirements for size because they use them in different places. We can produce the size you need. In addition, we will help you check the rationality of this size and make the best products for you.

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