Inflatable Maze

Inflatable maze is one of the most popular inflatable obstacle course which is very interesting and is good for children and adults. Inflatable maze is made of PVC tarpaulin, so sometimes people call it PVC maze. The biggest feature of inflatable maze is convenience. It’s very light and small for you to carry everywhere after it’s deflated. And it is suitable for many places, such as, your backyard, shopping mall, entertainment park, community and all kinds of parties.

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Major Parameter:

Model: BLF-O137
Material: 0.55 mm PVC tarpaulin
Size/Color: Customize
Painting: Digital, silk, hand-printing
Attached Items: Electric Blower
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Bounce House Maze

Bounce house maze is called maze bouncers sometimes which is the combination of the bounce house and maze. Inflatable bounce house maze will make the maze game easier for that when you can’t find the way, you can jump high to look at the overall paths of the maze from above that can tell you the direction. Meanwhile, jumping on an inflatable bounce house is also a good way to reduce stress.

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Beston Inflatable Bounce House Maze

Major Parameter:

Model: BLF-O104
Material: 0.55 mm PVC tarpaulin
Size/Color: Customize
Painting: Digital, silk, hand-printing
Attached Items: Electric Blower
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The Advantages of Playing Inflatable Maze

Maze is a game that can test many abilities of people in many ways. Maze game has certain demands on the mind, so too young children had better not play this game in case they are afraid of being trapped in the maze. However, if parents want to develop the ability of their child, they can play together with their kid as long as you make make sure the child is dominant and the parents only help when necessary.

When you choose a maze you need think about the difficulty level. If the inflatable maze is too easy, children will feel bored and lose confidence if it’s too difficult. So we manufacture few kinds of mazes with varying degrees of difficulty to meet the needs of different children.

A maze is made up of many paths which are connected to each other. But there is only one entrance and exit. All the paths are almost the same that you have to be observant, or you will be spinning around in circles and can’t find the exit. The number of the paths determines the difficulty of the maze. Sometimes in order to make the maze easier, we make some different symbols on every path. As long as you find the regular can you find the way to go out easily.

The Fun Projects of Inflatable Maze

Inflatable maze is more suitable for many people to play together which will be more interesting. They can play a variety of games in an inflatable maze. First, the race to see who can find the exit fastest. Through this game the children can see who is the most observant and the most careful. In addition, we can also observe who isn’t irritable and who is restless, who has the strongest anti-pressure ability and who has the weakest compressive ability. Parents can learn about their children’s performance in the game, discover their flaws and advantages. Then parents can develop their children’s strengthens and improve their weakness.

The second game is suitable for people of all ages, even adults will feel interesting. The game of chasing each other is very different from the common race. The speed you run can’t determine your winning or losing. Your opponent is everywhere. Maybe your opponent is still far away at that moment and he will be behind you when you look back.

Major Parameter

Material PVC tarpaulin(waterproof,fire resistance, tear resistance and cold resistance )
Size Can be customized
Color Can be customized, the logo can be printed on it according to your requirements
Certification CE, RoHS and EN71 international certification
Printing Digital, silk, hand-printing
Package Carpet inside, PVC bag outside
Production process Double-stitching and high temperature heat sealing
Accessories Blower and repairoutfit
Warranty Three years

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