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Do you like playing ball games? Then some kinds of inflatable fields for various ball games will be your better choice. Which kind of ball games do you like best, basketball, football, baseball, bowling, golf, rugby or snooker? Where do you often play the game? Do you want to have a ball field of your own that you can play at any time you want? However, it’s not easy to build a ball field which costs a lot of money and takes up large space. Beston, a leader manufacturer of inflatable amusement equipment designs some kinds of convenient  inflatable field for outdoor ball games, such as, inflatable football field, portable batting cages, inflatable basketball court, inflatable volleyball court, inflatable snooker table, giant inflatable bowling set, inflatable golf club, etc …

Large inflatable soccer field

Inflatable Football Field for Sale

Inflatable soccer field is a more convenient inflatable product for people of all ages who like playing football. Compared with ...
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Buy inflatable basketball hoop from Beston

Inflatable Basketball Hoop

Various inflatable basketball hoops in Beston are suitable for people who like playing basketball game. Basketball game is one of ...
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Inflatable baseball batting cage for sale

Inflatable Batting Cage

Inflatable batting cage is a kind of simple baseball game which is designed for common people who like playing baseball ...
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Benefits of Ball Games

There are so many benefits to play ball games. First of all, it is a kind of physical training, so building up our bodies is the most important benefit of playing ball games. Second, your attention and your body must follow the line of the ball which can improve the flexible of your organs and the capacity of quick response. Studies have shown that the children who like playing ball games are much clever than those who don’t like exercise. In addition, people always need to play ball games with other participants, it’s not only the competition between one person and another, but also the competition between one team and another team. So its hidden function is to make participants more team-oriented.

Why Do You Choose Inflatable Field in Beston?

1.Visual appearance. Every game has its own characteristic. Many people believe the first feeling. So the most important point of a product is that its appearance must attract people’s attraction. Only when they like it they will consider other aspects of it. All inflatable ball fields in Beston will make the people who like these games love them at the first sight. And the inflatables make it clear that people know what can they use them for as soon as they see the fields. Inflatable football field with all kinds of bright color and iconic soccer doors, portable batting cages with so many baseballs, inflatable basketball court with basketball hoops, inflatable bowling set with giant, pudgy bowling pins and inflatable golf club with many reasonable holes. All of them will give game players some true and interesting experience.

2.Standard size. All the ball fields have right size and proportion that even though the size of every court is different, but all the things should be placed in a certain place. For example, a basketball field, the height of basketball hoop, the distance from the basketball stand to the one-point line, the two-point line and the three-point line and the point that players should stand are strictly fixed. So even inflatable ball fields are different from actual courts, but the designers in Beston make the proportion more reasonable for people to feel the fun of real ball game.

3.Interesting games. Inflatable ball games have something in common with real ball games, but there are also some different places,maybe more interesting. All the game projects are based on its corresponding ball games, and then make the games more suitable for inflatable ball fields. And the inflatable ball fields are fit for people of all ages to play even they are only a few years old. For that, the inflatable products are very light that little kids can take and throw them without any danger. People can improve their physical and mental abilities in fun games.

4.High safety factor. All the inflatable ball fields are made of commercial grade and high quality PVC tarpaulin which is safest, nontoxic, waterproof, cold-resistant, heat-resistant,fire-resistant. The material is also environmental and it won’t be harmless for children. Meanwhile, the inflatables are all inflated with gas which make the ground, the wall, the edge and other parts of the field much softer. Even children jump high or fall down, they won’t hurt themselves. Parents can drop their hearts when their children are playing and then they can enjoy themselves at the same time.

5.Very convenient. In such a fast-paced society, almost every are very busy. Everyday, you get up, have breakfast quickly, go to work, have lunch quickly, go to work, have dinner, then no work, but it’s time for bed. There is a saying says that you are either working or you are on the way to work. Our time is so pressing that we only have a little time to develop your own interests. However, it’s too trouble to go to the gym to play ball games. Inflatable ball fields with small volume are easy to install and disassemble. Various inflatable ball courts with different sizes can meet your multiple needs. If you own an inflatable ball fields, you can play the ball games you like with your friends everyday after work because it only take you few minutes to install and tear down the equipment.

6. Versatility. The inflatable ball courts are available in many places. They can be used in amusement park for commercial profit which must attract a lot of people to play. An inflatable ball field will make the party more interesting and keep the guests happy all the time. It will be very cool if your backyard or community has one that your family and even your neighbors can play together. Please come Beston to choose all kinds of inflatable ball fields with high quality, lower price and more interesting projects. All the inflatables can be customized according to your real needs. So if you have any need about inflatables,please contact us.

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