Inflatable Basketball Connect Four Game for Sale in Germany

There are so many kinds of inflatable basketball shooting games in Beston. All of them are very interesting and popular with people of all ages. Inflatable basketball connect four game is the most popular basketball game recently. One of our German customers customized a connect four basketball game for home use one month ago. And the client sent us an email to tell us that the game brought his families a lot of fun. This inflatable basketball connect four game is made up of commercial grade PLATO PVC tarpaulin which is very durable and easy setup. It can be inflated and deflated in only few minutes. That’s to say, it won’t take up much of your space when you don’t need it.

Interesting basketball connect four game for sale in Beston
Basketabll Connect Four Game for Sale in Beston

Major Parameter:

Model: BLF-OB08
Material: 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin
Size: 4.88×3.1×4.65m
Color: can be customized
Recommended Age: Kids And Adults
Attached Items: Electric Blower
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The inflatable basketball connect four game can be called a crazy basketball machine. For that, there are seven basketball hoops on the top of the basketball connect four game that few people can play at the same time. It’s also the great way to practice your basketball shooting skills. Inflatable basketball connect four game can be used in many places, such as, schools, entertainment center, your home, and some competitive events. So whether you want to do this business or buy one for your own, it will be your best choice. There are also some other inflatable ball games for people who like playing ball games, such as, inflatable basketball hoop, inflatable football field, inflatable batting cage and etc… in Beston. If you want to know the price list and more details, please kindly contact us.

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