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Tell us about the size of your site, your favorite theme style and other requirements, our professional designers will customize a most suitable indoor playground for you.

Commercial Indoor Playground for Sale

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Indoor playground, also be called indoor play park, soft play, naughty fort is commonly known as a new and comprehensive children’s pleasure castle. Indoor playground designed for children’s nature that they all like drilling, climbing, rolling, skating, jumping, shaking, swinging and rocking is a most popular indoor entertainment center for the new generation of children which is the scientific three-dimensional combination of amusement, sports, wisdom and fitness. When children go into the indoor playground equipment, they seem to enter a new and interesting world of children. A variety of entertainment projects make children in a breathtaking but safe amusement environment, bring children into full energy and imagination which allows the children to enjoy themselves while the body also gets aerobic endurance exercise. Because of so many great benefits for the physical and mental development of the children, a lot of parents would like to take their kids to an indoor play center to enjoy their free time. The love of children and parents also make the entertainment project of great commercial value, so that many businessmen want to run an indoor playground business and we Beston can provide you with a non-stop shop for the construction of children’s naughty castle.

Large Jungle And Ocean Combined Themed Indoor Playground in Beston
Jungle And Ocean Themed Indoor Playground in Beston

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Kids Indoor Playground for Sale
Beston Kids Ocean Indoor Playground

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Hot Sale Princess Indoor Playground
Hello Kitty Pink Indoor Playground in Beston

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Fun Indoor Playground

The entertainment programs in the indoor playground can bring children of all ages extreme fun. Different projects are suitable for children of different ages which is helpful to meet the psychological demands of children to be competitive, not to be left behind and to have the courage to explore, so that children can grow up healthily and happily. Meanwhile, it is conducive to the cultivation of children’s courage, tenacity and exercise children’s speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, so as to achieve the goal of strengthening physical fitness and mental mental health. Now that it’s so good, both operators and players want to know more about it, below I will give you a little bit of a brief introduction to its entertainment.

Trampolines, slides and indoor playground ball pit are almost a must-have item in each indoor playground, for that they are full of entertainment and physical activity. Bouncing on the trampoline can exercise children’s leg muscles and body coordination. Slides make kids’ limbs and overall coordination to be exercised. Parents can teach children learn the skills of color, counting, grouping, calculation, throwing,slapping, cleaning discipline and habits with ocean balls. Other entertainment projects, such as, drilling can make children exercise physically, balance footpath training, swinging bridge and single-plank bridge help establish the body balance ability of children and some other exciting games can inspire children’s courage to overcome difficulties. With the innovation and development of time and technology, new indoor playground has added many electronic rides which makes the indoor park more interesting and more popular with children.

Customize Fun Indoor Playground in Beston
Fun Indoor Playground

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Ocean themed indoor playground with interesting ball pit in Beston
Ocean Indoor Playground with Ball Pit

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Hot Sale Candy Themed Indoor Playgrounds in Beston
Beston Candy Themed Indoor Playgrounds

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Buy Treehouse Indoor Playground from Beston
Beston Treehouse Indoor Playground

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Indoor Playground Material

Most of the indoor playground materials are engineering plastic, PVC tarpaulin, galvanized steel tube frame, steel pipe, heavy artillery sponge, etc… Materials are different according to different entertainment projects. The quality of the materials used by different manufacturers is also different which determines the prices of products. In addition, depending on the material performance, the whole cost of indoor playground of different schemes is very different per square meter. In the process of production, Beston always insist on the use of safety, environmental protection, high quality and durable materials which won’t do harm to children’s health and can increase the service life, save maintenance costs, bring you long-term benefits.

Large Indoor Playground with Various Entertainment Rides in Beston
Large Indoor Playground for Sale in Beston

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Indoor Playground for Sale
Beston Indoor Playground for Sale

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Indoor Playground Equipment Prices

When we choose the goods, the price must be one of the most important factors we take into consideration. Most of the time the price is proportional to the quality. So why do many marketers prefer to say that there products are good quality with lower price when promoting products? First, the low price we usually say is compared with other goods of the same quality. That’s to say, Beston, as a professional manufacturer if indoor playground, can provide you products with good quality and the most competitive price compared to other manufacturers and middlemen. Second, what we should consider is the cost performance of the products. If you buy the products at a much lower price but with bad quality, the service life of the product will be reduced and the maintenance cost will be increased later which will make it more expensive than the price is a little expensive but the product is good at the beginning. The indoor playground in Beston are definitely the most cost-effective in this industry.

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale
Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

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Small Indoor Playground for Sale
Small Indoor Playground in Beston

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Indoor Playground Installation

The installation of indoor playground isn’t restricted by the site which can be installed both inside and outside, or in irregular fields. The characteristics of arbitrariness, powerlessness, interactivity and security make it easy to manage and maintain. The range of application is also very wide, such as, schools, kindergartens, parks, communities, amusement parks, shopping malls, supermarkets and other indoor and outdoor places. The type and size of indoor playground are customized, so you can consult with the size of the site you choose to customize the appropriate indoor playground equipment. And the most important is that we have the most professional installation workers to guide and help you install, the most skillful maintenance personnel help you if there are any problems which will make the installation and maintenance much easier.

Buy Cheap Indoor Playground for Sale in Beston
Beston Cheap Indoor Playground for Sale

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Hot Sale Cheap Indoor Playground Equipment
Cheap Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Beston

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Soft Play Business

If you want to do soft play business, you have to know about the following process: First, you need to choose a suitable site; Second, you should look for manufacturers, compare them in various aspects and choose the best manufacturer of indoor playground; Third, communicate with manufacturer to confirm the design and production plan; Last, you need to wait for the production to complete and install it when it is shipped to you. When you get the local business license, the indoor playground can be open to business. These are some business advice:

1.Budget operating fund. Whatever what business you do, you need a certain amount of financial support. So please first figure out how much money you are going to invest. Then remove the rent and other expenses, the rest is the money you spend on equipment. Then ou need to tell us your budget and the size of your site. For that the cost of different types and sizes are very different. Only if you tell us more about your requirements and financial capacity will we be able to design a most appropriate indoor playground for you.

2.The site selection. When choosing a site, you should pay attention to both size and location. The size of site determines the size of the indoor playground you want to build. The location determines the profitability of your business. It’s better to choose the place where the crowd is more crowded and the traffic is convenient, large shopping malls and supermarkets are your best choice, for that many parents would like to take their children to those places in their free time and they can buy things and play with their children at the same time. Of course, building a professional children’s playground is also a good choice. As long as the location is good, there will be good revenue.

3.The quality of indoor playground. The safety of children should be a priority for all children’s rides. So when you choose the products, you must consider the quality of the indoor playground equipment as a most important factor. God quality can both guarantee safety and prolong its service life. An indoor play center with good reputation is an important factor in the straight rise in your business benefits.

4.Cost-effective products. In our cognitive range, high quality tends to equal high prices. If we simply consider high quality, it will definitely increase your investment costs. This requires that we should consider all respects when we choose the manufacturer to look for the most cost-effective products. Here in Beston, we can provide you the good quality indoor playground equipment with competitive price.

5.Business model. Single indoor playground and combined indoor playground are the two models of running a soft play business. Of course, single indoor playground needs less investment and combined indoor playground needs more investment. But because children all like to play and their freshness is less persistent, the single model can’t hold the children’s attention for long time. So the combination pattern will be the best choice, more entertainment programs can attract more children, if they they don’t like playing this ride, they can play others. Giving children more choices can bring you long-term benefits.

Where To Buy Indoor Playground Equipment?

When you have the idea of building an indoor playground? You are sure to find, consult, and learn about more about it in a variety of ways, such as, search more details online, asking for friends, consulting with local vendors and manufacturers, visit the factory and some other ways. In the time when the Internet is so popular, maybe searching online is the easiest, most effective way to get more information. Here you can find a lot of manufacturers and sellers from all over the world and you can pick up the most suitable for you products from every aspect carefully.

Beston is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development, design, production and operation of all kinds of amusement equipment. We always incorporate new ideas, new shapes and new aesthetic tasted into the design of indoor playground equipment which makes our products concept always at the forefront of the same line of products. In the process of material selection and production, we always use the best materials to ensure the quality of our products, rigorous treatment of every step in production to ensure the absolutely safety of products. All of our products are safe, novel and exciting that are deeply loved by many consumers, especially children. We always adhere to the principle of credibility, safety, quality first and put the interests of customers first. All of our persistence has kept our company growing, selling products to many countries around the world and receiving high praise from our customers. The most important is that all of our indoor playground equipment have reasonable prices, even lower than those of similar quality products on the market. So if you want to do soft play business or want to build a small indoor play area for your children in your house, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a complete set of services from design, production, installation to business model.

Indoor Playground Equipment

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Indoor Playground Parameter: 

Type Indoor Playground
Payer Age 2 – 14 years old
Size From dozens to hundreds of square meters, customized
Color Diverse, in accordance with your requests
Certificate CE, TUV, SGS, ISO
Material Plastic, galvanized pipes, wood, PVC, sponge, net, screw and so on
Project options Trampoline, various slides, ball pit, net bridge, sand pit, climbing wall, soft barrier, swing, some electric games and education programs, etc…
Installation 2D and 3D installation drawing. Professional installation workers instruction is also available
Package Standard export packing to prevent wear and tear in transit.

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