Above ground pools for sale

Swimming is a great pleasure activity and a good way to build up our body in hot summer. Going to public swimming pools always costs you too much money and it’s not very convenient for most people. Building a traditional swimming pool is so trouble and it may cost you the whole summer time. Furthermore only a few family can afford a in-ground civil pool. After summer, it won’t be used but it still occupy your backyard and will be very dirty after a few months which will make you be tired to clean the swimming pool next summer when you want to use it. So what kind of swimming pool is the best choice? Of course, the above ground swimming pools.

Large inflatable water slide and frame pool

Metal frame pool for sale

Metal frame swimming pool is also called steel frame pool, metal  pool, frame swimming pool, framed pool, metal frame above ...
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Buy inflatable paddling pool for kids in Beston

Inflatable swimming pool for sale

One of the best ways to make people relax and enjoy themselves is to cool off in an inflatable swimming pool ...
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The features of above ground swimming pools

Above ground swimming pools are a kind of pools that is convenient to install and disassemble with low price. Inflatable swimming pool and frame swimming pool are two kinds of portable pools in Beston. The both two pools are made of commercial grade and high quality PVC tarpaulin with the most advanced technology of high temperature heat sealing which make the pools antiwear, tearproof and durable. All the swimming pools in Beston can be custom made according to the size you need.

An above ground swimming pool can make your backyard more beautiful, at the same time, you can swim for a short while after a long day work at the office which must be very relaxed and healthy. Or the whole family can enjoy the fun together in their own swimming pool, own backyard in their family play time. Prepare some drinks and food, call some friends. Then you can enjoy a big swimming pool party with music. Isn’t it cool?

Above ground swimming pools can also be used for commercial activities which are the mainstream facility in movable water park.Combined with water inflatable slides, or putting some water toys such as, water walking ball, zorb ball, water roller, inflatable iceberg in the pools will give customers more fun.

Why do you choose swimming pools in Beston?

1. The PVC tarpaulin is much thicker. All the swimming pools are made of 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin which is more durable, tearproof, and have longer service life. The thicker PVC tarpaulin make the swimming more durable. And at the same time, it’s easy to disassemble when you don’t need it which can increase its service life and you can use it summer by summer.

2. The advanced technology. Beston has the most professional technical team. They are always studying new technology and then design the products with innovation.

3. Packaging. All of our inflatables are packed in two layers. Carpet inside and PVC bag outside. Many of our products are exported abroad which will take a long time to transport. The two-layer packaging will reduce the wear and tear in transit and make sure the products you receive are intact.

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